Virtual Tour

Welcome to the Justice-Query Instructional Materials Center (IMC), a model pre-K through 12 school media center. You are about to begin an online orientation designed to help you learn about the IMC resources and services available to all education majors.

  1. Begin the orientation by taking the tour. Use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to tour the IMC virtually. Visit each of the four numbered stations in the IMC. As you visit each station, a movie will play to give you an idea of how using the IMC will be helpful to you. Move your mouse around the photos to locate each one of 16 “hotspots” on the tour to learn about IMC resources. When you find a hotspot, click on it. As you click on each hotspot you will acquire a puzzle piece. When you have collected all 16 puzzle pieces, you have completed the tour.
  2. After the tour, take the IMC quiz to review what you have learned about the IMC.